A Review on Big Data Movement with Various Approaches

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Nay Myo Sandar
Surekha Lanka
Shuvra Tripura


With the growth of technologies and applications, a large amount of data has been produced at an increasing rate from various resources such as social media networks, sensor devices, and other information serving devices. This large collection of massive, complex, and exponential growth of dataset is called big data. As we know very well, almost every business relies heavily on big data to drive decision making and improve operations. The traditional database systems cannot store and process such data due to large and complexity. Therefore, many enterprises have already adopted cloud computing for better storage and processing since it can provide a pool of resources for servers and storage. However, it is significant issue for moving large amounts of data to and from the cloud can indeed present several challenges including bandwidth limitation, latency, and network congestion. To optimize the performance of big data transfer to cloud computing, this paper extensively reviews the previous research works, discusses research issues, summarizes key findings and approaches for dealing with big data movement. From the literature, researchers proposed various network techniques which can be applicable for future use that can help improve the transfer of big data to and from the cloud and ensure for efficient storage and processing of large datasets. 

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Sandar, N. M., Lanka, S., & Tripura, S. (2024). A Review on Big Data Movement with Various Approaches. Journal of Multidisciplinary in Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(2), 981–997. Retrieved from https://so04.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jmhs1_s/article/view/270609
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