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Published: 2024-04-28

The State and Buddhism: The Power Relations Between the State and the Thai Sangha

Phrakhrudhammakut (Suttipot Sappaso), Ketsada Phathong, Sukit Chaimusik

630 - 643

Administration of Integrated Educational Institutions in the Disruption Era

Somsak Boonpoo, Phramaha Sombat Dhanapañño, Woravit Nithedsilp, Wanich Somchat, Natcha Amaraporn

742 - 759

Exposure to Online Reviews and Marketing Mix Factors That Affect Gen Y's Intention to Use Café

Saranthorn Sasithanakornkjaew, Thanutchaporn Puangtong, Sujitta Omnok, Napasorn Somsieng, Chonthicha Krittayajanlong, Wannasingha Singhahuang

760 - 771

Acceptance of the COVID-19 Vaccine Among Elderly in Suphanburi District, Suphanburi Province

Raphatsorn Thongsuk, Chaweewon Boonshuyar, Katiya Ivanovitch

789 - 809

Guidelines for Developing the Bachelor of Business Administration Curriculum Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Personal Branding

Supawan Apicharttraisorn, Pramote Yotkeaw, Phattaraporn Timdang, Apipha Nonthirat, Supaporn Sompaiboon

862 - 877

A Review on Big Data Movement with Various Approaches

Nay Myo Sandar, Surekha Lanka, Shuvra Tripura

981 - 997

The Image of Women in Short Stories of Deuanwad Pimwana

Korrada Sukhum, Sompong Mulmanee

1012 - 1031

Chinese Consumers’ Purchase Intention of Electric Car Innovation

Yiqing Dou, Woranat Sangmanee, Wawmayura Chamsuk

1150 - 1167

Hitler’s Destructive Legacy: Lessons in Leadership

Yongyut Khamkhong, Natamon Nanposri

924 - 936

Buddhist Dhamma and Leadership

Chantarat Tapuling, Phrapalad Tawatchai Khattiyamedhi, Sorawit Wongsaard

955 - 964

Innovation Methodology of data Analysis and Synthesis Method for Qualitative Research

Jidapa Rangmeesrisuk, Naputr Gawnak, Phrakhrubaidika Aphichat Pornsuttichaipong, Suwalang Wongsurawat, Phrakhrupalad Prawit Supurairat

965 - 980