The Alternatives of Conflict Management in Organizations


  • Sarisa Jenkwao Education and Liberal Arts Department, Faculty of Educational Administration, Nakhonratchasima College.


Management, Conflict, Organization


The nature of human beings has generally interpersonal differences, in habits, attitudes, communication, working methods, individual bad deeds, et cetera. When human beings come to work together in their organizations, it might unavoidably face conflicts. The conflicts as such are likely to render good and bad effects to the organizations. It is therefore, necessary that the organization administrators undertake the conflict management in order to keep them at a suitable level to change the crisis of such conflicts into the chance of creating and becoming the good effect for the organization. The conflicts can be managed in various ways, depending upon the selection of any conflict management method with the least negative effect. These can be done to rely on both worldly and moral approaches in order to help human beings peacefully live together and build up the harmony within the organization at large.


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