Allocation of Happiness to the Elderly of the Local Administration


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Allocation of Happiness, Elderly, Local Government


This article aims to analyze and propose a view of the distribution of happiness to the elderly of local government organizations. The study found that Local administrations have a strong role in caring for the elderly in the way of promoting local traditions. However, the mechanism of such care is not able to create happiness for the elderly, so the elderly and the type of dependence on the lack of opportunities to access welfare, which the local government should strengthen. Mechanisms for more comprehensive care through all-dimensional care, including the creation of mechanisms for the care of the elderly to all groups. Local and local linkages and collaboration with other groups for thorough care. Develop the role of local councilors to understand the primary and secondary obligations. The development of the school for the elderly with more activities. Management of Elderly Care Centers in Local Government Organizations The development of knowledge to care for the elderly in all groups.


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