The Development of Mathematics Instructional Model Based on the Constructivist Theory to Enhance Analytical Thinking Ability of Grade 7 Students on the Topic Exponentiation


  • Rawisara Buranasen Senior Professional Level Teachers Watklang Municipal School under Khon Kaen Municipality Educational Office


Mathematics instructional model, Constructivist theory, Analytical thinking ability, Persistence


The objectives of this research were 1) to development of mathematics instructional model based on constructivist theory to enhance Analytical thinking Ability of Grade 7 Students and 2) to study the implementation developed model. The Sample group consisted of Grade 7 Students during the first semester of 2019 academic year, at Watklang Municipal School under Khon Kaen Municipality Educational Office. The research tools consisted of 1) Lesson plan on mathematics based on the Constructivist theory to enhance the Analytical thinking Ability of Grade 7 Students; 2) Achievement Test on learning; 3) Test on the Analytical Thinking Ability, and 4) Questionnaire on students’ satisfaction. Data analysis was through content analysis, Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, and independent, Dependent t–test. The research findings: 1. The mathematics instructional model called PETAS Model, learning procedure had 5 steps; (1) Preparation, (2) Engagement, (3) Team Study, (4) Analysis, and (5) Summarizing. The developed model had efficiency equivalent to 82.22/81.83. 2)The results of studying the Implementation developed model showed that. 2.1) The students’ learning achievement was higher than before, at a 0.05 level of significance. 2.2) The students’ ability in analytical thinking revealed that 82.50 of the total number of students were above average, which was higher than fixed standard. 2.3) Persistence of students learning by using the teaching model in accordance with the constructivist theory to promote analytical thinking ability Persistence in learning mathematics. 2.4) The students’ satisfaction with this model was found at a high level (= 4.60, S.D. = 0.61)


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