Guidelines for the Development for Academic Administration to Promote the Professional Learning Community in the Teaching Profession at Muang Phetchaburi Municipal Schools


  • Chatchaya Perathoranich Suryadhep Teachers College, Rangsit University


The development of academic administration, Needs, Professional Learning Community


The purpose of the research was to examine the current conditions, desired expectations, and requirements of the teaching profession at Muang Phetchaburi Municipal Schools and to propose guidelines for promoting the professional learning community. The research employed mixed method. The sample comprised of 118 teachers and school administrators. The research instrument was a questionnaire utilizing a 5-likert scale. Data were analyzed using statistics, such as frequency distribution, percentage, mean, and standard deviation, as well as qualitative data collection techniques, such as semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions, analyzed using content analysis and (PNI modified). The findings revealed that the current conditions and the desired expectations for the development of academic administration as a whole, namely the development of internal quality assurance systems and educational standards, were at a high level. To establish a professional learning community for instructors requires a high level of shared values and vision, on average. The highest need was research to improve educational quality in educational institutions (PNI modified = 0.16), followed by community support structures (PNI modified = 0.13). For the development of academic administration in creating a professional learning community for teachers, there are 48 guidelines. Linking significant development guidelines with community support structures to increase the use of information, digital systems, information technology, and innovation is intended to support and encourage teachers to have knowledge and understanding of the process of conducting research in the classroom.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)