Reading for Comprehension, Retention and Building Knowledge: What the Research says about how to Enhance and Build Student Knowledge Across Curriculum Areas


  • Andrew M. Goodman Teacher, International School Eastern Seaboard
  • Robert A. Mcbain Head of secondary, Saint Joseph Bangna School
  • Yan Ye Assistant Professor, Director for Education Programs, Graduate School, Stamford International University of Thailand
  • Bampen Maitreesophon Assistant Professor, Stamford International University of Thailand


literacy, decoding, print awareness, cross curricular reading, lifelong readers


The present study investigated research into reading skills, developing skills as a reader, and lifelong literacy. Reading across curricular areas and the value of developing depth skills as a reader formed the foundation for inquiry into how skills are and can be improved across school years and beyond. The content of current research was analyzed with a view to discovering key themes and processes integral to reading development and ongoing as well as long term improvement. The main thrust of the study was fourfold: elements and skills that create a competent reader, developing life-long reading skills in students, building reading knowledge across curriculum areas and devloping a lifetime love of reading.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)