The Mechanism of the Relationship Between Online Training Learning Motivation and Learning Effect of Teachers in Secondary Vocational Colleges, CHINA


  • Shuhua Li Ch Ph.D. Candidate in Management), School of Management, Shinawatra University
  • Eksiri Niyomsilp Ph.D., School of Management, Shinawatra University


Online training, Learning motivation, Learning effect, Vocational colleges


Secondary vocational education belongs to the core content of vocational education. This study was set up in objectives of study to search for the relationship between online training learning motivation and learning effect of teachers in secondary vocational college in China. Based on 406 online secondary vocational teachers online training data analysis found that the online teaching learners knowledge background, learning motivation and learning effect has significant correlation between teachers learning motivation for online training learning effect has significant positive influence, learning investment in learning motivation and partial mediation between the learning effect. Accordingly, in online teaching, it is necessary to build a systematic teacher support system, optimize the external environment of online training and learning, design a variety of online training incentive strategies, improve learners' self-efficacy, carry out rich interactive activities, and promote the transformation of secondary vocational teacher support into internal motivation of learning.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)