Plengrong Ramtone Sukhothai (Sukhothai Ramtone Vocal Music) Case Study of Songs Collection by Mrs.Thongjua Suabchompoo


  • เกษร เอมโอด ภาควิชาดุริยางคศิลป์ วิทยาลัยนาฏศิลปสุโขทัย สถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนศิลป์


This qualitative research of Ramtone vocal music is in the case study of songs style compiled by Mrs.Thongjua Suabchompoo. The aim of this research is to study 1) The history of Sukhothai Ramtone 2) Characteristics of Ramtone vocal music of Mrs. Thongjua Suabchompoo. The data was collected by observation and interviewing. The analysis is under the concept of Thai Culture and Behavior by Ruth Benedict, and characteristic of folk music by George List. From the study, it was found that Sukhothai Ramtone was originated before the World War 2 called Ramwong (Circle dance with vocal) but it was not so popular until the World War 2. Sukhothai was the route for Japanese soldiers to march to Burma which caused the panic among people, so General Por Piboonsongkram who was a prime minister at that time, encouraged people by supporting them to do Ramwong and renamed it to Ramtone. The instruments that were used to play consists of Tone Chatree hand drums, cymbals, small cymbals and rhythm wooden blocks. After World War 2 ended, it was developed to be a professional Ramwong and used Tomba drums instead. Ramtone vocal music that Mrs.Thongjua had collected consists of 103 songs and can be divided into 6 groups at the following; Inviting songs, Cheering up songs, Admiring Flirting and Blaming songs, Literature song, Miscellaneous Song and Farewell Song. Most of her Ramtone collection are found to be in the Admiring Flirting and Blaming songs. The Ramtone vocal music has features on short lyrics which is not always followed the rule of eight-verse poem and usually bring what we see such as daily events to compose the lyrics. But the first verse will be called as the song’s name. Most of the lyrics are in a polite way and will be sung over and over again. The vocal leader will start singing usually with the inviting songs and end with the farewell songs.




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