Qualitative Case Study Research Techniques


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Research Technique, Qualitative Research, Case Study, Multiple Case Studies


In educational research, it is well known that there are many forms of research methods. Each way is up to appropriate to the research problem in each subject. The case study is a qualitative research with unique characteristics, complexity, Dynamic and Holistic Perspective. The studies using the method of long-term tracking and indepth. To consider problems and social phenomena from the environment a reality in all dimension until get guideline or answer of the problem to be accurate and consistent with the condition of the case. Data collection in the case study, the researcher must get close to the informant provider to trust until revealing data. The most popular data collection in case study is the uses documents, observation, interview, focus group and brainstorming. The data acquired will be checked for validity and reliability by triangulation technique. Qualitative Data Analysis is focused on content analysis and interpreting on conclusion. In the final step is to write a report in a narrative feature analysis to offer results that correlate with the events from the case study.




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