A Study of Impacts of Marine Tourism according to the Components of Sustainable Tourism in Koh Larn Area, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi province


  • Issarapong Poltanee Kasetsart University
  • Umaporn Boonphetkaew Kasetsart University
  • Titiwan Chomali Kasetsart University
  • Nattacha Moonlakorn Kasetsart University
  • Sudarat kanitittiwat Kasetsart University
  • Sasiporn Klanbut Kasetsart University
  • Atittaya Prasertnok Kasetsart University


Tourism Impact, Sustainable Tourism, Marine Tourism, Tourism Impact, Sustainable Tourism, Marine Tourism


This research aims to study the impact of marine tourism as a component of sustainable tourism “Case Study of Koh Larn, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province”. It is a qualitative research using in-depth interview tools from relevant governmental information providers, entrepreneurs, villagers and tourists within Koh Larn. The method used was to select a specific group of 40 people. Content analysis was used to summarize the research with descriptive methods. The study found that, in terms of economy, the increase in number of tourists resulted in the tourism business to expand including in employment, income generation, and careers for people in the community. Moreover, whenever income increases, the cost of living also increases. In social aspects, tourism consists of various activities giving the villagers more choices in their careers. Aside from the traditional fishing industry, careers turned to tourism services causing less villagers to participate in public benefit activities. In addition, there were frequent accidents on Koh Larn since most of the routes are steep slopes. Culturally, there were relatively few changes because the villagers on Koh Larn wore the same style of clothes, their way of living and worshiping sacred objects or religious sites were the same as before. Environmentally, as the number of tourists had increased, marine activities also increased. This results in coral deterioration and leaving Koh Larn to face the problem of garbage overflowing the island due to ineffective waste management. However, in the future, a waste disposal center project will be implemented. This will be done by burning waste to reduce the amount of waste on Koh Larn. The results from the study acquired through agencies in the area of tourist attractions, from all four aspects, can be adapted for the province's tourism development plan in the future.


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