Reflections of Thai Rural Society in ‘Fah Hom Din’ Novel Series


  • Liu Guoxiu Faculty of Liberal Arts, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University
  • Patcharin Buranakorn Faculty of Liberal Arts, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University


reflections, Thai rural society, ‘Fah Hom Din’ novel series


          This research aimed to analyze reflections of Thai rural society in ‘Fah Hom Din’ novel series.  Five titles were studied, which were Nam-hom-din, Seu-long-waree, Phayu, Nog-gong-phleng, and Mu-dor-Tu-wor. 

          The research found two aspects of ways of life of Thai rural people, the traditional and the modern.  For the traditional way of life, people lived in simple wooden houses with natural surroundings.  Agriculture was their career and provided them food.  Bicycles were generally used.  Social traditions, like the annual regatta or the funeral, caused social contacts of joy or sympathy.  It was noticeable that Buddhist Thai funeral seemed simpler than the Muslim one which spent more money.  On the contrary, for the modern way of life, people constructed big houses with walls and garages. Natural surroundings were encroached by buildings.  Nuclear families were increased, and family heads played major roles in the family.  Family members were closely connected and devoted.  Education was increasingly important, and rural students dreamed to study in universities.


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