Management Construction of University Traditional Orchestras in Shandong Province, China


  • Wen Duan
  • Fuangfa Amponstira


Management Construction, Shandong University, folk music troupe management mode


As a special form of expression of traditional culture and elegant art, folk music troupe plays an important role in practical teaching in Chinese universities. The establishment of traditional orchestra( TO )has become a symbol of highlighting the quality of practical teaching in Chinese universities. However, the development of folk music troupes in Chinese colleges and universities is not balanced. There are many problems, such as incomplete establishment, unbalanced performance level, lack of sustainable development motivation and so on. Based on the extensive investigation, this study selects five schools at different levels, including Dezhou University, Liaocheng University, Shandong University (Weihai), Ocean University of China and Zaozhuang College, to conduct a questionnaire survey and case study, using the research methods of anthropology, sociology and art education management to explore the college folk music Troupes The scientific nature, effectiveness and internal regularity of the operation and management mode can scientifically solve various problems existing in the development process of the above-mentioned college folk music troupes, and provide a complete set of theoretical basis and practical examples for the construction of the operation and management mode of Chinese Ordinary University TO. The viewpoint of this paper is based on the investigation of local college folk music troupes in Shandong Province. The theory prototype of College folk music troupe management mode constructed by the principle of art management should be constantly applied to the actual project. According to the implementation of the project, the theory should be fully combined with practice and interactive sublimation can establish a real suitable one The theory and method of educational mechanism in Chinese universities. Due to the constraints of time, funds, personal energy.


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