Structural violence:


  • Nawin Boonnumma Ministry of Social Development and Human Security


Structural Violence, Behavior, Human Resources


Violence is a long-standing phenomenon which tends to be increased continuously. The more our society progresses, the more genres of violence become complex. Solving small or big problems can be even more difficult specifically when structural violence stimulates individuals to be in a state of compulsion and unable to control their emotions which lead to a direct violence. So, it can be said internationally that these are reflecting the injustice which has been attached to Thai society for a long time. However, any violence created by humans always has causes. It is, therefore, essential to try to understand them through social work perspectives in order to design guidelines for repairing Thai society to be safe and non-violent. Nevertheless, a single point of view cannot enhance the society, we must receive social assistances and fundraisings from all sectors. So, there will be a mutual problem-solving which helps reduce social violence and support the development of human resources as a key to better version of Thai society.


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