The Public Relations for Creative Tourism via Social Networking Sites

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Kantapon Kaewsanga
Bussaba Suteetorn
Apichaya Yoonaitharma


          The objectives of this research were (1) to analyze the content of public relations messages about creative tourism via Social Networking Sites; and (2) to study tourists’ utilization of and satisfaction with public relations messages about creative tourism publicized through Social Networking Sites.

          This was qualitative research undertaken using content analysis and in-depth interview methods. Data were obtained from 3 fanpages; those are DASTA Thailand, the Tourism Council of Thailand and CBT Thailand’s fanpage for community tourism. Additional data were obtained from interviews with 6 people who were the designers and developers of those 3 fanpages and with 30 tourists who had interacted with those fanpages more than once. Data were analyzed by descriptive analysis. 

          The results showed that (1) All 3 fanpages presented up-to-date content. The most popular ways of presenting content were through photographs, activities to promote tourist destinations, and giving information about creative tourism. (2) Most of the tourists interviewed had a good level of knowledge about creative tourism. They thought that public relations websites for creative tourism were beneficial for relieving stress. They were satisfied with the fanpages they visited because they were interesting, credible and had continuity of presentation. 


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