Sketching a Hospitality and Tourism Recovery Plan for Thailand During and after Covid–19 – Discussion Paper

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John Barnes


The Thai national economy was heavily dependent on hospitality and tourism after COVID–19. With the arrival of COVID and subsequent lockdowns locally and the cessation of international cross–border travel by aircraft, ship, rail, and road, the drop in the contribution of hospitality and tourism to the Thai economy had been significant. This discussion paper proposes a staged recovery plan for hospitality and tourism in Thailand and suggests how domestic hospitality and tourism can be undertaken to speed up the recovery process whilst encouraging Thais to appreciate and engage more readily with their unique culture. The current paper was written in 2021 and reviewed and revised in November 2022.

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Barnes, J. (2024). Sketching a Hospitality and Tourism Recovery Plan for Thailand During and after Covid–19 – Discussion Paper. Journal of Thai Hospitality and Tourism, 19(1), 91–98. Retrieved from
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