Community Needs in Developing Potential for Conservation Tourism Management: A Case Study of Klong Suan 100 Years Old Market, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan Province

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Patcharin Jungprawate


The objectives of this research were to study needs of the community potential development to conservation tourism management in the Klong Suan 100 years old market and to investigate guidelines to develop and promote conservation tourism in the community of the Klong Suan 100 years old market. The findings revealed that the people in the market needed the community potential development on tourism management, i.e., a traffic system including clearer and more abundant directional signs, adequate relaxing areas for visitors, effective security measures, and continuous public relations. In Conservation tourism, they needed the potential development as follows: trainings about attractions conservation knowledge, activities to build perception and understanding local culture, lifestyle, and ecology, and the participation of visitors in learning community lifestyle or regular community activities showing local wisdom. Regarding community participation, it was found that the aspect of planning, to attend the meeting about conservation tourism management; the aspect of implementing, to create tourist activities for the promotion and conservation of traditional ways of life, local custom and tradition; the aspect of utility, to gain income from tourism by selling food and local products, offering tours and folk art performance and selling souvenirs; the aspect of evaluation and feedback, to take part in monitoring as well as solving problems and then to develop the attractions to be sustainable. The people in the community needed the gradual development following society change, they still maintained a traditional way of life and achieved their own potential development through the trainings on occupation, tour guide volunteer, and language to build sustainability in the Klong Suan 100 years old market.


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Jungprawate, P. (2017). Community Needs in Developing Potential for Conservation Tourism Management: A Case Study of Klong Suan 100 Years Old Market, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan Province. Journal of Thai Hospitality and Tourism, 12(1), 36–49. Retrieved from
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