Criteria & Responsibilities

for Editorial Board Membership


The Editorial Board is comprised of members who have significant expertise and experience in their respective fields. Editorial Board Members are appointed by the Executive Director with the approval of at least 60% of the Editors and Editorial Board. 

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for appointment shall include:
1. Demonstrated scholarly expertise & ethical leadership in an area not over represented in the existing Board.
2. Published three or more papers in scholarly publications.
3. Demonstrated excellence in the review process, based on independent evaluations of the editors and associates.
4. Stated commitment to contribute to issues affecting the management of JUCR.


Members of the Editorial Board are directly accountable to the Managing Editor. 
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
1. Provide input on editorial needs and review manuscripts as requested.
2. Complete assigned reviews in a timely fashion. Offer mutually respectful and constructive review of manuscripts to assist in providing the highest quality of papers. 
3. Maintain confidentiality and objectivity with regard to manuscripts and the JUCR review process.
4. Participate in the evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of JUCR so as to help sustain the highest level of excellence.
5. Once appointed to the Editorial Board, members are encouraged to submit at least one paper during their tenure.

Nomination Process

Nominations are submitted in writing (via email or post) and addressed to the Editor in Chief or any member of the editorial staff. Candidates/applicants must submit a CV including a statement addressing her/his interests and suitability for Board membership. JUCR assumes the general readership would be able to identify the candidate by her/his reputation for scholarship in an established line of inquiry. 

When a candidate is approved by majority vote of the current JUCR board members, she/he will be invited to serve by the Editor in Chief for a specified term of three years. The Dean of Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts in turn will finalize the appointment. Continued membership in the Editorial Board will be reviewed every three years by a members of the Editorial Board with a decision about candidates submitted annually. The number of Editorial Board members will not exceed 20 unless otherwise agreed upon.