JUCR’s publication ethics below strive to follow those recommended by COPE (Committee On Publication Ethics)
It is the responsibility of authors to have composed the work submitted in its entirety. Works of others must been cited and/or quoted appropriately as well as listed in the references. JUCR reserves the right to screen articles for plagiarism through any means available. When plagiarism is found to be pervasive, JUCR will contact the author(s) for a statement of explanation. The article will be rejected if authors admit the unauthorized/unattributed use of content or if their explanation is found to be without merit.
Authors shall only submit articles to JUCR that are not under publication or consideration by other journals or other entities.
Authors of articles that include original research shall present an accurate account of the study, its findings, and unbiased discussion thereof. Data shall be free of fabrication and improper manipulation.
Findings and conclusions shall be based solely on the evidence presented.
Any financial support and/or other conflicts of interest involved in either the research conducted or the composition of the article shall be disclosed in the acknowledgements at the time of submission to JUCR. Areas of conflicts could include grants, employment, consultancies, and other remunerations.
Reviewers shall respect the confidentiality of the peer review process. This includes the non-disclosure and non-use of the unpublished content entrusted to them in any manner without express consent by the author through JUCR staff.
If reviewers realize knowledge of the author’s identity or for some reason cannot provide an objective review they shall decline to proceed and inform JUCR in the interest of preserving the status of blind reviews.
Articles shall receive an objective review rooted in the reviewers experience and expertise in the field represented.
Reviewers shall bring forth relevant instances of published work absent from an author’s references and those with any similarities to the author’s article to pre-existing ones in their review.
JUCR’s double-blind review process entails that the editors and staff shall not disclose the identities of reviewers and authors identities to each other.
Unpublished materials entrusted to JUCR shall not be used or disclosed for personal or institutional advantage without written consent from the author(s).
Editors shall recuse themselves from the article and review in question if a conflict of interest is found.
Editors shall be objective in decisions on an article’s publication by basing it on the merits detailed in the peer reviews and the article’s expected contribution to the field of urban culture. The guidance of the editorial board and JUCR’s existing policies may weigh-in regarding plagiarism, copyrights and other concerns on a case by case basis.