Opening Urban Social Spaces Through the Arts


  • Lasanthi Manaranjanie Kalinga Dona Independent researcher, University of Ljubljana, (Sri Lanka/Slovenia)



Children With Special Needs, Music Therapy, Multiculturalism, Applied Ethnomusicology, Marginalized People


Ongoing turbulences in many parts of the world, which raise concerns about the lack of security and an uncertain future, could also be seen as a challenge providing a plethora of opportunities in the search for better systemic solutions. Even though we live in a technologically developed world, it is clear that neither improved machines nor the pharmaceutical industry could provide sustainable solutions to conflicts and their negative consequences on human lives and values. Could the arts and music in particular, provide a cross cultural understanding beyond their sole aesthetic impact and contribute to a betterment of the circumstances? This article provides a limited introductory search for an answer to this question by providing a qualitative analysis of three case studies rooted in the author’s first-hand experience in Slovenia. Based on the research of the dynamics of the processes and the resulting outcomes, it advocates the development of artrelated strategies suitable for augmenting urban renewal processes.




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Kalinga Dona, Lasanthi Manaranjanie. 2017. “Opening Urban Social Spaces Through the Arts”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 15 (December):28-41.