Industry 4.0 – Where Does This Leave the Human Factor?


  • Holger Kinzel Technische Universitat Bergakedemie Freiberg, Germany



Industry 4.0, Human-Machine Interface, Human Factor, Mediation, Needs, Cyber Physical Systems


Industry 4.0 is the new buzzword in the manufacturing industry. It comprises the entire value chain process in manufacturing goods and providing services. The designers of the concept appear to have a good grip on the technology (hardware and software) of the system, however, the human factor seems not to be considered adequately. Humans are involved everywhere: as a team of system designers, a groups of workers and our society as the clients of the manufactured goods. The requirements and needs of each individual involved in the process should be included in the system by means of a modified mediation process. A mediator acts as a facilitator to assist communicating needs and requirements amongst everyone involved. By creating the ownership in the system acceptance is achieved. This process allows society to actively influence and control the design and the use of the Industry 4.0 concept.




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