Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik – An Arena of Programs in Advanced Studies


  • Nada Bruer Ljubišic Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik, Croatia.



Inter-University Centre, Autonomy, Academic Programme, Internationalization, Inter-cultural Cooperation


Inter University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC) is an independent centre for advanced study, grounded in and sustained by its international network of partner universities. Building upon its location and its history, the IUC serves as a bridge between regions within Europe and between the European region and the world by connecting scientific communities and connecting communities through science. From its establishment in 1972, the IUC brought together scholars and students from different countries, cultures and academic disciplines to advanced research and higher education programmes. IUC’s programs are mostly interdisciplinary and they tackle current social and academic concerns. Numerous publications, formation of new networks and formal recognitions for academic achievements at home universities are results of IUC activities. Governing bodies today emphasize and support inter-disciplinary and cross-national collaboration on global challenges such as human universal values and rights, health, education, poverty and climate, encouraging, in addition to east-west also new north-south collaboration.




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Ljubišic, Nada Bruer. 2018. “Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik – An Arena of Programs in Advanced Studies”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 16 (July):30-41.



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