Destiny of Traditional Folk Arts in Conditions of Recent Society: The Case of Vietnam


  • Thanh To Ngoc Association of Vietnamese Folklorists, Hanoi, Vietnam.



Traditional Culture, Traditional Arts, Vietnam, Vietnamese Traditions, Vietnamese Arts, Destiny of Traditions


The Vietnamese nation consists of fifty-four ethnicities where the folk culture and arts have played an important and dominating role in the life of its people. This paper discusses some of the main issues as follows: First, the folk culture and arts are closely linked with the activities of everyday life. When the society changes, its folk culture, the arts entities have to redefine its values. Elements either disappear or participate in the restructuring of contemporary culture. Then secondly, for the cultural heritages we have to preserve and promote them in their original form if they are quintessential and change those that are changeable. Vietnam inherits both of the above two categories and they provide the basis upon which to compose new ones. The necessary actions should include: restoring the heritages forms and transmitting them to younger people, conducting an inventory, establish a databank, and periodically organize festivals and competitions.


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Ngoc, Thanh To. 2014. “Destiny of Traditional Folk Arts in Conditions of Recent Society: The Case of Vietnam”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 1 (-):88-93.



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