Dialogic Performance: Towards a Pedagogy of Transformance


  • Dan Baron Cohen President, Institute of Transformance: Culture & Education, Avenida Braz de Aguiar, 564, Edificio Braz de aguiar, 1103b, Nazare, Belem, Para, CEP 66035-000, Brasil.




Education, Dialogic, Pedagogy, Transformation, Sustainability


This article relates performance literacy to storytelling as a foundation for the making of democratic narratives and communities. It explains how the aesthetic potential of all public space is shaped by the relationship between historical memory and imagined communities, and how both affect the intimate dialogic performance of everyday life. From these foundations, the article argues for the decolonization of our internal dialogue through intercultural literacy to nurture participatory democracy and a new paradigm of education based on sustainable transformation and cooperation.


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Cohen, Dan Baron. 2014. “Dialogic Performance: Towards a Pedagogy of Transformance”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 1 (-):118-27. https://doi.org/10.14456/jucr.2010.6.



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