Playing Techniques of New Pieces of Koto Music in Japanese Urban Culture


  • Kumkom Pornprasit Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts and Director of the Thai Music and Culture Research Unit, Chulalongkorn University, Phayathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand 10330.



Koto, Ikuta-ryu, Yamada-ryu, Playing Technique


A major element in the social understanding of urban culture is the relationship between social change and its impact on artistic culture. In Japan, the Koto is a musical instrument that plays a major role in Japanese urban society as its character has been dynamically developed along with Japanese urban culture and society. The changes to playing techniques and the birth of new ones along with various tempo changes in melody create a contemporary sound, which reflects more playing freedom. Additionally, differences in the style of switching the playing pressure applied to the strings have occurred as well as the new colorful combination of Koto with opera singing. These above mentioned developments and changes have been directly influenced by social urbanization in direction, degree, and character.


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Pornprasit, Kumkom. 2014. “Playing Techniques of New Pieces of Koto Music in Japanese Urban Culture”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 1 (-):178-88.



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