Transnational Art and the Multicultural City


  • Brynjar Bjerkem Transnational Arts Production, Oslo, Norway



Transculturality, Transnational Arts Production, Hybridization of Art, Art and Recycling, Heri Dono, Lim Dim Vietnam


The modern city provides a platform of transcultural interaction and a stage for a multiplicity of art. This essay is based on the experience and history of the Oslo based office Transnational Arts Production working in this sector. The multiplicity opens up for a hybridisation of artists finding inspiration on a wide horizon and giving their expression its own uniqueness by infusing it with local heritage-and equally how a culturally diverse audience may deal with this expression through unique interpretations. Introduced in the second half of the essay is the issue of how artists re-use city waste to bring new meaning to original objects and new understanding to the sphere of transculturality.


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Bjerkem, Brynjar. 2014. “Transnational Art and the Multicultural City”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 2 (-):50-59.



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