Go Inter


  • Paphutsorn Wongratanapitak Absolutely Thai by Kansadaeng Watthanatham Co., Ltd. Thailand
  • Erlina Ramli National University of Singapore, Singapore




“Go Inter, ” Traditional Performing Arts, Cultural Heritage Management, Cultural Performing Arts Management


“Go inter” is a short form of being international recognized. This word is widely used in Thai society especially when someone goes to do some activities in other countries or gain international fame; in this case, cultural activities.

In this 21st Century, traveling overseas is not dif!cult anymore since there are more choices. Tourists can come to appreciate the arts in the country they love. Artists can also travel overseas to promote their arts. Alternatively, the art appreciation can be done via many ways such as all kind of media. Based on the authors’ experience in cultural performing arts, this article will illustrate how to prepare performances and workshops in order to “Go Inter” or be recognized in this global community. The article would detail steps in which to guide traditional arts performers on how to impress foreign audience or participants and will include audience/ participants’ feedbacks after the activities. The example of a few productions will be shown.


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Wongratanapitak, Paphutsorn, and Erlina Ramli. 2014. “Go Inter”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 3 (-):96-113. https://doi.org/10.14456/jucr.2011.10.