“Yes, I Can Learn!” blending Music Instruction into Music Therapy


  • Kana Kamitsubo Music Therapist, MT-BC, Kana’s Therapeutic Music, New York, USA.




Autism Spectrum Disorder, Music Therapy, Music Education, Special Education, Attention deficit, Assessment


This article introduces my innovative approach to blending music therapy and music instruction. My method is unique, original and focuses on improving both vital life skills and musical skills. It has been found effective especially with those children with learning dif!culties including autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit. Key to success in this method is motivating the participant through music to develop and grow. Based on the premise that all children can learn when given the proper tools, this method is adapted to provide elements of success and competency. Respecting that each individual is unique, this approach recognizes individual pathology and strives to reach the musician within each child. The case study illustrates a boy with autism who began music therapy exhibiting severe attention dificulties and disruptive behaviors. Within two years, he made significant progress in his life skills and learning to play musical instruments.


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Kamitsubo, Kana. 2014. “‘Yes, I Can Learn!’ Blending Music Instruction into Music Therapy”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 6 (-):108-17. https://doi.org/10.14456/jucr.2013.11.