Researching Musicscapes in Urban Tourism: Case of the Town of Krk


  • Diana Grguric University of Rijeka, Croatia



Soundscape, Noise, Musicscape, Town of Krk, Tourism, Local Community


The paper examines the acoustic quality of the seaside promenade of the Town of Krk during the tourist season. Its musicscape is analyzed in the light of the sound (sonic) pollution, which is the consequence of developing and using music in the tourism offering. The collected data of objective and subjective measurements of acoustic quality, namely sound pressure measurements and a local community survey, are processed. The theoretical part of the paper deals with soundscape and musicscape concepts. The results of the research point to the diminished resolution of the soundscape during the tourist season, due to inadequate music management. The paper contributes to raising awareness of the issue of noise resulting from the use of music in tourism and seeks to highlight the need for developing audio management - a sound and music management model based on the principles of acoustic ecology and the collaboration of all stakeholders in a destination.




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Grguric, Diana. 2020. “Researching Musicscapes in Urban Tourism: Case of the Town of Krk”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 20 (June):10-25.