Preservation of Heritage School Buildings in the Philippines: A Case Study of the Gabaldon Buildings


  • Inero Ancho Philippine Normal University, Philippines
  • Mark Ponce San Juan Philippine Normal University, Philippines



Gabaldon School Building, Heritage Schools, Philippines, Education, Conservation, Policy, Preservation


This research is an attempt to revisit the Philippines’ Gabaldon school buildings (GSB) in the light of Republic Act 11194. The research offers scrutiny of the law vis-a-vis prospects on practices of preserving and advocating the historical and cultural value of GSB. Using qualitative method of research, this study particularly employs content analysis of RA 11194. The discussion of this paper is clustered into two main sections: The narrative of GSB since its beginning, along with presenting notable details of select edifices which still serving the Philippine education system and an in-depth reading and analysis of RA 11194. It scrutinizes the provisions of the law, along with sectional mandates and its implications. A closer examination of RA 11194 brings varied perspectives on how the law can effectively contribute to successful preservation of GSB. Its mandates encompass Filipino nation-building as evidently showcased in the preservation of GSB. Preserving these structures provides an in-depth reflection of how the Filipino identity has been affirmed. RA 11194 is also an invitation for stakeholders to work together for a common cause. It provides opportunities to highlight organizational functions as once known as a classroom building becomes a significant aspect of Philippine history. Analyzing the law can be seen through three distinct perspectives: agent for Filipino nation-building, mechanism to intensify stakeholder involvement and lens to view a sustainable Filipino culture.




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Ancho, Inero, and Mark Ponce San Juan. 2021. “Preservation of Heritage School Buildings in the Philippines: A Case Study of the Gabaldon Buildings”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 22 (June):104-16.