Hindu Music in Bangkok: The Om Uma Devi Shiva Band


  • Kumkom Pornprasit Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand




Hindu Music, Om Uma Devi Shiva Band, Hindu Indian, Bangkok Music


This research focuses on the Om Uma Devi Shiva, a Hindu band in Bangkok, which was founded by a group of acquainted Hindu Indian musicians living in Thailand. The band of seven musicians earns a living by performing ritual music in Bangkok and other provinces. Ram Kumar acts as the band’s manager, instructor and song composer. The instruments utilized in the band are the dholak drum, tabla drum, harmonium and cymbals. The members of Om Uma Devi Shiva band learned their musical knowledge from their ancestors along with music gurus in India. In order to pass on this knowledge to future generations they have set up music courses for both Indian and Thai youths. The Om Uma Devi Shiva band is an example of how to maintain and present one’s original cultural identity in a new social context.




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Pornprasit, Kumkom. 2021. “Hindu Music in Bangkok: The Om Uma Devi Shiva Band”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 22 (June):217-27. https://doi.org/10.14456/jucr.2021.15.