The Role of Cultural Creative Industries on the Revitalization of Resource-exhausted Cities – The Case of Tongling


  • Yun Lei School of International Studies/Endicott College of International Studies, Tongling University/Woosong University, China/South Korea


Cultural Creative Industries, City Revitalization, Resource-exhausted Cities, Culture-led Strategy


Cities in western countries have explored the developing model of culture-led city regeneration for decades and proved the positive role of cultural creative industries. This article demonstrate how cultural creative industries can be utilized to vitalize resource-exhausted industrial cities. It uses Tongling city as a case to investigates the relationship between cultural creative industries and city revitalization through the realms of economic development, city space reconstruction and citizens’ well-being. Analysis is conducted from literature analysis, document analysis, in field investigation and interview. With Tongling as a case, this article hopes to provide an example of cultural-led revitalization in resources exhausted cities to realize city revitalization and industrial upgrading.


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Lei, Yun. 2021. “The Role of Cultural Creative Industries on the Revitalization of Resource-Exhausted Cities – The Case of Tongling”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 23 (December):3-24.