Assessment of Housing Satisfaction Among Women in Nigeria: Experience from Ibadan Municipality


  • Adewale Yoade Environmental Design & Management Wesley University Ondo, Nigeria


Housing, Satisfaction, Women, Urban, Public Housing, Nigeria


This study investigated satisfaction with public housing amongst women in Ibadan Municipality, Nigeria. A cross-sectional survey of residents in two selected housing estates owned by the Oyo State was conducted using structured questionnaire as data collection instrument. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential. It was observed that most women living in public housing sampled in the study area were low and middle income earners and not satisfied with their present housing conditions. The management aspects of the housing schemes, size and security of the dwelling units were the main factors that determined respondents’ satisfaction with their housing environment. Therefore, the paper concluded that there is need for more knowledge of the peculiarity of housing needs of women among policy makers, investors and housing developers as well as the involvement of women at all stages of housing provision in Nigeria.


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Yoade, Adewale. 2021. “Assessment of Housing Satisfaction Among Women in Nigeria: Experience from Ibadan Municipality”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 23 (December):223-37.