Plastic Sea: Art Exhibition on Marine Plastic Pollution


  • Haisang Javanalikhikara Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Art and Technology, Eco Art, Data Visualization, Interactive Installation Art, Contemporary Art, Pollution, Thailand


This paper presents the artistic research and creation of an artwork, exhibited under the title of Plastic Sea. The exhibition was held July 3-11, 2021 at the Art4C Gallery and Creative Learning Space in Bangkok. The name Plastic Sea comes from the idea that most people are aware of marine pollution, especially plastic pollution, yet the issue has normally been ignored because the effects are not immediately experienced in a direct way. To create awareness of the problem of plastic marine pollution, this project aims to show visually the growth of plastic waste in the sea. Research on plastic marine pollution was utilized by Thai new media artist, Witaya Junma, resulting in an artwork in the form of interactive data visualization. This installation communicates straightforwardly, as it engages participants and enables them to understand the environmental effects from what they saw from their interaction with the installation. Plastic Sea was well received when it was exhibited, and the work really touched participants, making them realize just how much they use plastic waste in their daily lives.




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Javanalikhikara, Haisang. 2021. “Plastic Sea: Art Exhibition on Marine Plastic Pollution”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 23 (December):238-55.