Contemporary Art Project Initiative to Support Artist Career and Sustain Cultural Continuity


  • Ark Fongsmut School of Architecture, Art and Design, Department of Fine Art, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand



Art Competition, Contemporary Art Project, Curatorial Process, Visual Arts, Young Artist


The idea to support artists to develop and maintain their career has sustained cultural continuity. In Thailand, the primary motivation and support for visual artists are through medals and prize money through platforms such as commissions, competitions and contests where the value lies on visual impact. For contemporary art, the artwork comes in series with a conceptual framework, medium experimentation, working process, etc. These platforms might not be supportive for young contemporary artists. Therefore, this article aims to discuss the Thai platform options available. This study touches on the Paris Salon for the judging process and the movement of art practices; compares art competitions in Thailand with the contemporary art project initiative regarding strengths and limitations. It concludes that the BRANDNEW initiative project could be a suitable platform to sustainably support and promote young contemporary artists in Thailand.




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Fongsmut, Ark. 2022. “Contemporary Art Project Initiative to Support Artist Career and Sustain Cultural Continuity”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 24 (June):235-47.