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Effects of Cultural Processes on Heterotopic Spaces: The Case of Bomonti, Istanbul


  • Ilgi Toprak Independent reseacher, USA.
  • Orhan Hacihasanoglu Faculty of Architecture and Design, Ozyegin University, Turkey



Heterotopia; Heterotopic Spaces; Cultural Processes; Cultural Change


The cultural change model covers the cultural change processes and their effects on different spaces in the urban environment. Cultural processes constitute cultural change and may in turn alter the lifestyle of individual human beings and societies. The cultural change model for heterotopic spaces proposes that heterotopic spaces and their close environment physically change by the cultural processes that are taking place in the related society. A case study was conducted in the Bomonti region to obtain the cultural changes and their relations and effects on heterotopic spaces. The Bomonti beer factory which is defined as a heterotopic space in the region that functioned as cultural and recreational facilities, is the focus of this article. In 2015, the Bomonti Brewery was transformed into Bomontiada, which is a creative culture campus. A cultural change model based on observations were used in this case study at Bomontiada.





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Toprak, Ilgi, and Orhan Hacihasanoglu. 2022. “Effects of Cultural Processes on Heterotopic Spaces: The Case of Bomonti, Istanbul”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 25 (December):18-39.