Conservation of Row Houses in Old Commercial District Mekong Riverside Nakhon Phanom Province, Thailand


  • Pakorn Pattananurot Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Industry and Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Sakon Nakhon Campus, Thailand
  • Suthon Khongsaktrakun Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts and Industrial Design, Ramangala University of Technology Isan, Thailand



Row Houses; Old Commercial District; Nakhon Phanom; Architectural Characteristics; Conservation


The objectives of this research paper are; 1) to study the development of towns & commercial districts, 2) to study the architectural characteristics of the row houses and 3) to propose guidelines for their preservation by studying related theories & research, conducting field surveys & interviewing the owners or tenants. This study found that a group of Chinese immigrant merchants formed a commercial district and built row houses to trade, store and live by the Mekong Riverside & Sunthon Wichit Road. Traditional row houses can be divided into 3 types; 1) Mixed Chinese influenced style of a single storey 2) French-influenced style and 3) a modern-style. Conservation methods were used to preserve their original identity. Also, stabilization & consolidation were chosen to strengthen restoration efforts.. During rehabilitation modern materials were used to mimic the originals while improving structure's usability. Today, this old commercial district has been renovated and developed to promote tourism according to Nakhon Phanom Province's policies. As a result, the old way of life of a trading community has changed to one of tourism. Many of the original row houses were renovated to meet this new business model as being tourist attractions.



2022-12-20 — Updated on 2023-01-13


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Pattananurot, Pakorn, and Suthon Khongsaktrakun. (2022) 2023. “Conservation of Row Houses in Old Commercial District Mekong Riverside Nakhon Phanom Province, Thailand”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 25 (January):114-34.