City of the Future Theories: A Diachronic Comparative Study




Cities; Future; Urbanization; Overcrowding; Disaster and World; Pandemic


This paper strives to interpret the future city or the future of the city by searching published articles. To do this, a review of literature had been made and articles from urban planning and architecture perspectives were studied. We collected information on the time-varying indicators that make up the cities of the future. In this study, it is investigated how the problems arise periodically and the indicators in the formation of the city plans of the future. It concludes with some foresights about next fifty years’ city futures of the millennium.



2022-12-20 — Updated on 2023-01-13


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Tachir, Gildis, and Ayşe Nilay Evcil. (2022) 2023. “City of the Future Theories: A Diachronic Comparative Study”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 25 (January):219-32.