Urban Growth and Its Environmental Impacts: Case of the Nile River, Egypt


  • Mustafa Gaber Dept. of Architecture, Applied Sciences, Near East University, Cyprus
  • Özge Özden Faculty of Agriculture, Landscape Architecture, Near East University, Cyprus




Rapid urbanization worldwide has given rise to many economic and environmental issues particularly in developing countries like Egypt. This study aims to discuss the current situation of urban growth in Egypt focusing specifically on the Nile Valley and its vicinity. Ninety-five per cent of the population lives in close proximity to the Nile River valley, which is one of the most vital non-renewable resources in Egypt. In this research, the current situation of urban developments of the Nile river in Egypt, its national threat to the Nile River valley and its rich arable agricultural lands have been examined through relevant literature review. It is known that rapid growth of settlements along the Nile has been documented since the inauguration of the high dam project in 1968, making it safer for the settlers to reside closer to the river. As a result of this review paper, we provide important recommendation on how to overcome and prevent further urban escalations within the region.




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Gaber, Mustafa, and Özge Özden. 2023. “Urban Growth and Its Environmental Impacts: Case of the Nile River, Egypt”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 26 (June):237-44. https://doi.org/10.14456/jucr.2023.14.