Life-Boats - A Sailing Sculptural Installation with Direct Social Participation, Artistic Exchange and Music by Composer Geir Johnson


  • Marit Benthe Norheim Sculptor, MA (Royal Academy of Arts, Sculpture School, London, UK), Norway



Flexibility, Mobility, Archetypal Protection Symbols, Women Life Stages, Direct Involvement, Music Incorporation


Three sculptures in concrete will become functioning boats, shaped as female figures.
(12 meters in length and 3m above the water’s surface). – Propelled by electric motors,
charged by alternative energy. Life-Boats will sail, with captains and passengers, on the
European canals, leading them through the heart of the cities. These sailing sculptures
will connect the countries through a cultural exchange - which has always been a part
of the history of Europe.
This project is about meetings – about receiving foreign expressions – about daring to
move into unknown territory and communicate on the basis of common grounds. There
will be direct participation and involvement in the process, both in the production phase
and along the journey. The audience in the towns where the boats will be docking will be
able to go on board and experience the installations within the sculptures and the music
by the Norwegian composer Geir Johnson.


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Norheim, Marit Benthe. 2014. “Life-Boats - A Sailing Sculptural Installation With Direct Social Participation, Artistic Exchange and Music by Composer Geir Johnson”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 7 (-):78-95.