Performing Transformation in the Community University of the Rivers (Part 2)


  • Dan Baron Cohen Community University of the Rivers, Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 238 Cabelo Seco, Marabá, Pará, Amazônia.



Community, Cultural Literacy, Transformance, Art education, Amazon


In this two-part article, I seek to present our emerging Community University of the Rivers through the languages of storytelling (poetry, song, image and theatre) to bring to life the context and pedagogy of Transformance in action, in the Afro-Indigenous community of Cabelo Seco (Portuguese: Dry Hair), founding community of Marabá city, Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon. I use this strategy to ensure that you meet and might identify with my collaborators in our Community University of the Rivers, as living subjects. By privileging human narration, I do not mean to privilege action over reflction, as our dramatic performances and our actors are highly analytical. I am simply embedding theoretical concepts and analyses in our lived experience, valuing oratory, in the search for an aesthetics of transformation. This polyphonic, narrative-based (and less-logocentric) methodology is how all our projects develop, and might be more familiar to practitioners-theoreticians in the ‘global south.’




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Cohen, Dan Baron. 2015. “Performing Transformation in the Community University of the Rivers (Part 2)”. Journal of Urban Culture Research 11 (December):6-19.



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