NKRAFA Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences  ISSN 2651-0677 (Online) 

          NKRAFA Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences has been published on a continuous basis since B.E.2555 (A.D.2012).  It has been certified by the Thai Journal Citation Index Centre (TCI 2) as being in the Second Group of Journals in Humanities and Social Sciences.


          To publish and disseminate academic articles in humanities and social sciences including those in the fields of military, security, national development, political science, public administration, psychology, and language issues and other related fields for academics, researchers, instructors, students and the general public.  


1.  Scope of contents comprises the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities and Other related fields.

2.  Types of academic work comprise Research Article and Academic Article.

3.  Languages of academic work: Articles written in either Thai or English languages are accepted for publication.

Frequency of Publication: It is scheduled to be released each year in December. (ฺBoth the book and online)

Reviewing Policy:

1.  Any manuscript to be accepted for publication must have been reviewed and approved by at least two peer reviewers in that particular field or related fields. The Journal has a double-blind peer review policy which means that neither the peer reviewer nor the author knows the identity of each other.

2.  The submitted manuscript must have never been published in any other periodical, and must not be in the approving process for publication by any other periodical. Also, the author must not plagiarize the work of other people.

3.  The article, expression, illustrations, and tables that are published in the Journal are the sole responsibility of the author, and definitely not that of Navaminda Kasatriyadhiraj Royal Air Force Academy.

4.  The Editorial Board of Panyapiwat Journal reserves the right for decision making on publishing any article in the Journal.



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