Social Support and Health Promoting Behavior of the Officers at the Department of Rural Roads

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thussanee Seangon


The objective of the study was as followers: 1) to study the level of  Social support and health promoting behavior of the officer at the Department of Rural Road:  2) to compare health promotion behavior of the officer at of Rural Road by personal factors:  3) to study the correlation between social support and heath promoting behavior sample used in this research were 305 at the Department of Rural Roads selected by stratified sampling the research tools were questionnaires data were analyzed by using computer package statistical program.  the statistical procedures were percentage, mean standard deviation  t-test, (F- test),  LSD (One-way ANOVA) and Pearson’s product Moment correlation Coefficient statistically significance was set at 01 and 05 level.

The result of the research revealed that: 1) social support and health promoting behavior were at moderate level: 2)There were as persons factors has affected on health promoting behaviors: 3) social support has promoting correlated to health promoting behaviors which was statistically significance at .001

Key words : Social Support    Health Promoting  Behavior


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