Performance Efficency Development of Traffic Police Officers, Chonburi Provincial Police

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Chonburi traffic problem was founded from the growth of economic and tourist attraction. The traffic problem leads to huge accidents, deaths and injuries from road users. The objective of this research is to study the performance efficiency and the effective performance factors of traffic police officers. By using mixed methods research, using 211 Questionnaires from traffic police officers. For descriptive statistics use Correlation Analysis and Multiple Regression Analysis. For qualitative research use in-depth interview 21 persons from management policy maker, management operation control officers, operating officers and service citizens. The study found that.

The performance efficiency factors of traffic police officers found that time of development new method for improvement was highest efficiency. For quality of work, operating cost and quantity of workload were lowest efficiency. For the effective performance factors found that the human relations at work and good relations with colleagues were highest. Organizational culture and internal environment, personal development, job satisfaction, corporate justice and leadership were lowest. For recommendation that the management should prioritizes and support according to adequate manpower and budget mission and location included provide knowledge and awareness training for driver in responsible area.


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