An Analysis of Structural Form of Identity Theft in Cyber

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The objective of this study is to present Identity Theft in Cyber which included structural form, types of information, and as well as the means to solve the problem of crime. Nowadays is a world of information technology and borderless communication. Internet is connecting the world together. Information technology therefore plays a very important role in daily life and be a part of life. The internet can be facilitates and responds to human needs for use in exchange of information between them which make everyone tend to trust and trust in the system for disclosure of personal information to the public. Therefore is a loophole for criminals to access sensitive and confidential information of persons including bank account information, credit information, taxation, and etc. to create fake accounts for their purposes, for instance driving license, passport, and etc. under the name of victim through the use of various tactics and modern technology as part of a tool to engage in crime. This has a huge impact on the government, private sector, and the public because identity theft can be extended to various forms of crime as it is easily accessible in all areas that need it.


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