Regulating Broadcasting and Telecommunications Sectors in Digital Era

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Pratompong Srinuan


The advancements in digital technologies bring new technologies as well as new services. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and 5G technology are commonly used in digital services, i.e. over-the-top (OTT) services. OTT players usually are multi-national companies and could operate their services anywhere in the world. The existing laws and regulations could not well facilitate new technologies and services, however. There is a need to amend related regulations. Regulations on competition, consumer and data protection, spectrum management, universal service obligation are included. This article aims to review and discuss the regulatory concerns where the regulator needs to take into consideration. The literature review was implemented as a research methodology. The results reveal that the regulator needs to reconsider the criterion in designating significant market power operators. In addition, new spectrum management strategies, e.g. network slicing and spectrum sharing, need to be considered. Data protection is also a new regulatory concern in data-driven economy. The regulator should consider these issues carefully and amend related regulations to facilitate operators and provide the best benefits to consumers.


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