"Image of Mother Africa" in the Short Story "La mère" of Ousmane Sembène

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ศิริวิจิตร ปานตระกูล


The objective of this article is to study the role of Ousmane Sembène as a bard who deconstructed the former notion of African motherhood and constructed the new image “Mother Africa” in order to challenge the old beliefs in Senegalese society that it was only people of high caste who had good morals, good personalities and high culture. Sembène challenged the concept of “Mother Africa” which has been formulated by Léopold Sédar Senghor and other intellectuals of the Senegalese elite to fight against coloniists and to create an identity of Senegal as the land of “Mother Africa” who was beautiful, fertile and happy. However, the image created by Sembène was a “Mother Africa” who was brave and able lead society to equality among all its members.


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