The Development Guidelines for the Operation of Local Community Enterprises: A Study of Community Enterprise Groups, Koh-Kret Municipality, Nonthaburi Province

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Narongrith Prasantree
Chanthana Udom
Phairoj Butcheewan


The objectives of this research are to 1) investigate the operating conditions' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and obstacles, and 2) jointly determine the guidelines for the development of operations of Community Enterprise, Koh-Kret municipality, Nonthaburi Province. The study approach is grounded on the qualitative research methodology consisted of 2 stages: 1) in-depth interviews with participatory observations from 6 groups of local community enterprise executive committees, totaling 18 people, together with 2) group discussions of 16 persons from representatives of people, who were involved in the development of community enterprise groups. Through the content analysis, the study results showed, as follow: 1) In the past, there was no systematic group development plan in place for community enterprises. While the nature of local group formation and resource capital development, as well as the promotion and support process of various agencies for production, is considered the strength of local production capability.  While being a tourist attraction and cultural identity of the area together with support from government agencies, it is considered an important supporting factor in the development of products and community enterprises in the area. However, the weaknesses that should be developed are systematic management system development informational management and development direction for a variety of products and efficient services. While the spatial factors are plains and flooding problems, as well as restrictions on water traffic regarded as an obstacle to development process in the area. 2) An analysis of development guidelines for the operation of community enterprise groups points out that the management process should set clear goals for the enterprise's development activities, knowledge development, skills and operating capital of enterprises, such as: marketing promotion, communicating with society at all levels, development of technology and innovation to up-scale standards and product quality, Inheritance of values local cultural wisdom, integration of products with local tourism, as well as encouraging new generations of youth to participate in the development process. Furthermore, this study presents the KOHKRET model, which would be translated as casual-linked features to foster the future capability of local Community Enterprises.


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Prasantree, N., Udom, C., & Butcheewan, P. (2024). The Development Guidelines for the Operation of Local Community Enterprises: A Study of Community Enterprise Groups, Koh-Kret Municipality, Nonthaburi Province. Journal of Multidisciplinary in Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(1), 25–42. Retrieved from
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