Turkey : Awaiting for Member of European Union

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Boonsong Chaletorn


Turkey was one of the big countries that expressed its intention to join the European Union since 1963, but until now in 2020, Turkey has not been recognized as a member. There are five conflicting reasons, namely: 1) area: it is 97% located in Asia but 3% in Europe; 2) population: it has as many as 82 million thus will make Turkey the most populous country; in the Union, Turkey will have the highest voting rights, making it a powerful country like Germany and France; 3) religion: where 99% of the people are Islamic other EU countries are all Christian; 4) economy: 33% of the Turkish population is in agricultural sector, making Turkey is a poor country; should Turkey become a member of the European Union it is concerned that most of the EU’s financial aid will fall on Turkey; 5) human rights and democracy: especially with severe and inhumane treatment of the Kurt minority; 6) Cyprus and the conflict with Greece is a serious problem that has been chronic for many decades and many times it wars between two countries almost broke out. Despite the EU’s efforts to find a way to negotiate, they still haven’t seen any solution until now. From several problems mentioned above, it can be seen that these are all obstacles to the entry of the European Union that makes Turkey still have to wait indefinitely to become a member.


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