Author’s Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The manuscript submitted should never be published elsewhere or not in the process of publication in other journals.
  2. The author must ensure that the manuscript is written in accordance with templates outlined by Southern Technology Journal.
  3. Appropriate citation and references must be provided wherever ideas or quoted texts are taken from other sources appear in the manuscript.

 Editors’ Role and Responsibilities

  1. Editors must be honest in examining contents, accuracy and academic quality of the manuscript.
  2. Editors must not publish any manuscript which is found to be a copy work.
  3. In the process of examination, the editor must not discover information of the author and the examiner to the third party or other unrelated individuals.
  4. The editor is responsible for checking content accuracy and editing the manuscript before it is ready for publication.

Examiners’ Role and Responsibilities

  1. The examiners must be honest, fair and offer suggestions that are clear and straightforward.
  2. The examiners’ major concern must be academic value as well as new insights that can add to new body of knowledge in respective fields of inquiry.
  3. It is important that the examiners offer academic recommendations or suggestions for the author.
  4. In the case where the examiners found that the manuscript contains instances of copied materials or redundancy, they must inform the editors.